Sunday, 3 November 2013

Blackberry Employees Find Hope

OK, so we've all seen the tabloids the past two months Canadian company Blackberry is plummeting, share holders and brokers are losing millions because of it sure many people will say they saw this coming, I totally agree Blackberry was behind the ball when it comes to its competition! Blackberry's shares have never been so low, concerning everyone with more job cuts then ever who wouldn't.

Very unfortunate to hear stories like ( ) a parent of three losing there job at Blackberry, that's when just recently the private company 5spot Limited stepped in the owner Brando Olynyk who's only 18 years old has decided to reach out to those who were effected by the job cuts at Blackberry and offer them a realistic gain for financial opportunity working with 5spot. Now the kid only being 18 is well known in his city of Winnipeg, Mb he has participated in the cities annual CEO sleep-out helping raise awareness for Winnipeg's homeless problem along with many other campaigns and fundraisers. In a interview with the youngster about the Blackberry's job losses Brando says " It's very sad to see a Canadian company that used to be on top of its game now be at the bottom. Unfortunately it is life when a company has to prioritize and eliminate jobs due to certain factors, but its not just a couple people were talking about its 100's that's why i want to help, i want to give these people hope".  Brando's company 5spot Limited aka ( ) has already been the talk of being one of the best freelance services in Canada let alone the world that is helping people make money they deserve and regain hope with there no commission fee based services so now being the talk of being the hope for those who lost jobs at Blackberry has only got more people talking. In the end the Harper government should be stepping in to help these people.

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